Orientation on customers

We DO NOT propose a SYSTEM - we propose solutions that can be implemented on DIFFERENT systems. We use proven sales methodology, implementation and work with staff.

Successful system implementation

Software is ONLY A PART of CRM. The main secret of success is a successful system implementation in all business processes of the company.

Sales productivity

Working with us, clients increase their revenue, get perfect service, competitive prices and unique solutions based on the latest achievements.

Express implementation

Turning to us now You get a 30% discount on the Express implementation and save $2000!

Express implementation includes:

  • Expert assessment of the results of operations
  • Expert analysis of motivation system of front-office employees
  • Photo-fixation of employees working time
  • Expertise in the field of knowledge mamagement
  • Expert examination of business processes in front-office units
  • Expert analysis of document management/doc flow in front-office divisions
  • Expert examination of planning, control and analysis system in front-office
  • Expert investigation of IT systems in the area of CRM

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Konstantin Popovchenko

Founder and CRM-expert

Andrew Afonin


Evgeniy Pozynich

Sales Director


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